Dave & Dora Beth's Photos

There are 17 pictures on this page from between our wedding (2000) and our first child (2005).

On our way to pick up a baby
First stop, my parents, next stop Taiwan!
Summer 2005

On our way to a friends wedding
Visiting more family
Spring 2005

Taking a walk in the woods
Visiting family
Spring 2005

A Sunday school teacher and video director
At our church
Spring 2005

About to return home in style
On a business trip
Fall 2004

We got to see President Bush up close
One of his campaign stops
Election season 2004

Livin' la Vida Loca!
At a friends wedding reception
Summer 2004

A dinner cruise
Waikiki, Hawaii
Summer vacation 2004

Visiting relatives
Washington D.C.
Christmas 2003

Our cute bunny, Meshach
In our familiy room (click here for more bunny photos!)
Fall 2003

At a spa at the base of a volcano
Costa Rica
Summer vacation 2003

Photo op. with a celebrity
At our church
Winter 2003

The Forbidden City (no longer forbidden)
Touring China
Summer vacation 2002

Scenic photo
Visiting with the parents
Fall 2001

Together still (of course!)

Vacation shortly after our first anniversary
Haning around after breakfast
Vacation 2001 at a Christian Conference

What a cute couple!

At the 6th wedding in 7 months
A great shot of the two of us
Our first Christmas vacation

Dave loves Dora Beth

Hannibal, Missouri
Being cute with the wife
Our honeymoon :) [June 2000]

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