College & Earlier

There are 14 pictures on this page from before our wedding (2000).

In nature together

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
Worshiping Jesus with my fiancee
CCF Spring 2000 Retreat

The Hawkeyes vs. the Fighting Illini

The University of Iowa
Down on the field (for the first and last time) of my home school
Senior Year, Fall Semester, 1999

Princess Cruise to Alaska

Vancouver, Canada
In front of our hotel and cruise ship
Family Vacation 1999

Standing next to some statue in the mountains

Taroko National Gorge, Taiwan
'The Boy' and I
Summer Mission Trip 1999

Aboard an American Airlines MD-11

Flying over the Pacific Ocean
A toast for my 21st birthday with my new friend from Hong Kong
Summer Mission Trip 1999


My dorm room in college
Part of my friends 21st birthday party
Junior Year, Spring Semester, 1999

In front of the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, New York
You looking at me?
Family Vacation 1998

Along a river in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas: Riverwalk
Campus Christian Fellowship
Spring Break Mission Trip 1998

Next to the Batmobile

Chicago's Six Flags, Great America
Batman: The Ride
Summer 1997

Eagle Scout

Boy Scouts of America
The New Eagle Scout
Summer 1995

Our first cruise

Somewhere in the Caribbean
My sister and I on top of a castle overlooking the bay
Family Vacation New Years 1995


Versailles, France
My French family when we visited the Castle of Versailles
France School Vacation 1994


Paris, France: The Eiffel Tower
Some friends and myself hanging around in Paris
France School Vacation 1994

An old fashioned boat

Baltimore Harbor, Maryland
Visiting relatives on the east coast
Family Vacation 1983

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