China Photos: Amazing Acrobatics

    "Acrobatics have been part of Chinese since 2500 years ago. Evolving with time, the performance today is much more dramatic and colorful, assisted by the high-tech stage designs and lighting effects. But the essence of the technical and creative artistry remains the same. China Acrobatics Troupe is among the best in China, and its circuses play all over the world and have won many international gold awards. China Acrobatics Troupes perform daily at Universal Theater (tian di ju chang) and Chaoyang Theater (chao yang ju chang)."
-Beijing Official Guide, May 2002, page 39

These are all as hard as they look or harder...

Juggling five spinning and tumbling umbrellas at once

Jumped up onto and performed while ballancing on five very circular pipes

Jumping through very high and flimsey hoops without assistance

Balancing on a wire, riding a unicicle, upside down, at the same time

Fluid ballerina expert while doing a hand stand for eight minutes straight

Juggling (spinning and tumbing) regular tables with their feet

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