Costa Rica 2003

We have scanned 20 pictures from our June 2003 trip:

Visiting the Puntarenas beach

On the boardwalk

Mom & Dad in the butterfly exhibit at the Museo Nacional

Our soon to be brother in law

Everyone gathered around at home

A city park in San Jose

Local kids on a field trip in the city park

Mom & Dad in the toucan exhibit at the San Jose Zoo

We got all dressed up for our sister's wedding

* ** *** (Click here to see highlights from their wedding) *** ** *

Outside the church where the wedding was

The finely cultivated gardens in front of a church in ???

That bush behind us has been scuplted into the shape of a monkey on a motorcycle

A coffee plantation

In front of active Volcano Arenal (you can see steam, not clouds)

At a natural hot springs resort at the base of the volcano

Notice those strange roots

Trips are more fun together

Us and Dad relaxing under a hot spring waterfall

Same scene as above but inside the waterfall

I guess we have to go home eventually

But wait, there's more! My mother-in-law took many photos on her digital camera and has made them available, too.

In case you missed the link above, be sure to see my highlights from the wedding!

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