Summer Vacation 2007 Photos

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Mommy and baby gently wake up from a nice nap Who's your driver? 1st stop was Grandma and Grandpa's. Aunt Dot (neighbor) brought us some beads from Mardi Gra Grandma Linda had a wading pool ready for us, along with popcycles! We are having soo much fun :) Another slow wake up from a nap Grandpa Calvin plays glue & pom-poms with granddaughters Grandpa Calvin draws and colors with granddaughters A little family photo op. An extended family photo op. Aunt Becki reads a book to her neice That's a big RV in grandparents driveway 2nd stop was the Creation Museum. One of our only photos from inside the museum, we went in after a long day's drive in the RV so they were not in the best of moods to walk around and see exhibits. This one is a simulation of the inside of the ark of Noah. Outside was much more fun. They had a huge beautiful garden. A sculpted Tyranosaurus Rex bush, just beginning to grow Long car (RV) rides are made easy with a 'Go Diego Go' DVD in the back seat One of the best parts was the fountain, and Daddy picked us up so we could tought the water even in the third pool! Another family photo op. On a little walk, holding on to Dad They had three different kinds of bridges. A suspension, floating, and boardwalk. A photo op. in front of the building It was only a couple weeks after they opened. They took turns being happy and sad inside the museum. Mommy and baby in the middle of a nap together She is ready to take the wheel at one and a half years Daddy and baby in the middle of a nap together (the 'Buz Lightyear blanket' (towel) was a VERY valued item throughout the trip) We had to get take a couple photos of them to get one that looked like they were not terrified of the Triceritops.  They enjoyed seeing but not sitting. They spent 30 minutes running around on this floating gazebo while Daddy watched the planeterium show 3rd stop was our Great Aunt's. After we got there, Baby 1 wanted to come with me to get something from the RV.  She beat me there and waited patiently in the shade on the side step. Sitting on Great Aunty Mary's lap Exploring another museum close to Aunty Mary. One baby in Daddy's arms and one on his back, since Mommy is half way pregnant. Mommy and her Great Aunt and Baby 1 at the same musem Tracing Baby's feet was such a fun idea Another pile o' girls in the bed in the back of the RV 4th stop was at a theme park, just for the night. We did not really pack the girls up in the trunk, they just fit in there while we were unloading 5th stop was at Aunt Cheryl Dawn and Uncle Danny's lake house. They took us out on their pontoon boat. Eating raisins and honking the boat's horn. What a wonderful ride! Being brave and sitting way up front with Aunt Cheryl Dawn Feeling the breeze in her hair as we cruised along Riding the waves with Daddy in the back Captain Danny is in command of this boat, with his copilot Baby 1 Baby 2 was not as thrilled about this and took a rest in comfort on Mommy's chest Their dog, Stable's cage was much more fun than that pontoon boat! Uncle Danny serenades his niece on their back portch after dinner This little girl smiled a lot but not as much for the camera Guess who's got the remote? Playing 'where is baby'. They were hiding in the bathroom and running out in a peek-a-boo style game More playing 'where is baby'. We went out on the pontoon again to go for a swim. This time Baby 2 was just barely brave enough to sit with Aunt Cheryl Dawn up front. Uncle Danny was first to get in the water, he took Baby 2 with him. Mommy and Baby 1 were next to get in. It was not quite warm but not too cold either. In the cusotm dry dock that Uncle Danny made, Baby 1 can be the pilot... ...and Baby 2 can too A big smile as Mommy reads a book before nap in the RV 6th stop was visiting Great Grandma Mimi. Grandma Linda and Grandpa Calvin met up with us here. We parked the RV at a KOA and here we are playing in their park. Grandma made oatmeal cookies. Why not enjoy them in the doorway? Looking all cute in the drivers seat at sunset wearing those great beads from Dot Grandma does not like holding her grandbaby, does she? Mommy made us a full breakfast of pancakes and eggs and bacon with the kitchen in the RV One baby in the corner... ...and one baby in a box! Walking through the Museum of Science with Great Grandma Mimi and Grandma Linda Trying out the different bells in the Discovery room Trying out different rolling objects with Daddy Pushing a baby around in a toy wheel chair was more fun than riding the real wheel chair Waiting for the elevator (one of our favorite rides) Welcoming our first guest to our party, Great Uncle Bob Great Grandma had muffins at the party! Four generations of Christys I am cute standing or crawling We got impatient for dinner so were waiting on the patio for the grown ups to finish talking Daddy caught me running away and caried me back like a sack of potatoes We had a family nice meal at the country club Grandpa and Daddy holding their little girls All of us together Little one number 2 finished eating much sooner than the rest of us so went for a walk with Mommy Great Grandma Mimi rides with us We like showing our tummy sometimes for some reason Observing an elephant Up close with some cammels Petting the horses Balancing pretty well on the curb How do you fit in this thing? Would you believe that she was nervous about water before this trip? Mommy can throw me high in the pool! I am a little water baby now I do not like being in the water, do I? All zonked out again 7th stop was visiting friends and family. At this restaurant we had pizza together and danced at the juke box. Mommy holds her babies in front of a pretty sunset Bye bye RV, we had fun. It was a 31 foot with slideout. It was basically brand new and we were only the second renters to use it.

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