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On a DC10 flying southwest over the Pacific at 660 miles an hour.

Click above image for a short movie of the clouds passing by our plane...

Actual view from our hotel balcony.

Same balcony, looking the other direction. We stayed at the Maui Beach Hotel in Kahului Bay.

Same beach as seen from our balcony, just a closer look and another angle.


We took a 45 minute helicopter ride over the north east part of the island.

At the bottom, the green fields are sugar cane, the dark stripes are pinapple.
Moving up is a town, and farther off in the distance are the rain forests.

Approaching the rim of the old volcanoes, looking down at the clouds.

The people behind us took our photo. We had the best seats in the house.

After seeing the volcanoes we headed out to see the rain forests.
Here we see the sun reflecting off the ocean.

The valleys are more interesting from above.

Click above image for a short movie of us passing over a ravine...

Looking down at a few waterfalls. I do mean "down" because we are turning and the vehicle is at an 80 degree slant.

After the rainforests we headed out to shore.

Click above image for a short movie as we pass by a couple towns.
The green coloring in the deep blue water is coral reef.
Do you recognize the sugar cane fields (described above)...

This little protrusion is where the characters supposedly arived at the island in the movie Jurasic Park.

What an interesting shoreline.

This diamond shaped plot of land is 25 acres of oceanside property owned by one lucky guy.
He is building a new house in the dirt in the middle. You can see the volcano off in the distance.

As we head back I noticed a pretty scene of the cloud shadows over the sugar cane,
and you can see the rain coming down off in the distance on the left (the dark mist bluring the image).
Our hotel is basically straight ahead in that bay.

A photo opportunity when we got out of the helicopter. We sure had awesome weather!

After that we drove to Lahaina by going along the north shore.

Here are the different signs we passed along the way. Do you get the picture it is not a heavily travelled road? :)
We did not until we had already gone quite a way, so we decided to just stick it out.
It was in the Lord's plan to allow us to make it through this time, but we did not try a second time!

Another pretty spot on the north side, I think this is Nakalele Point.

We stopped for lunch and a Hawaiian Shaved Ice in Honolua.

Kaanapali Beach, on the northwest shore above Lahaina

Sitting on the beach


Just outside the church we visited. Some nice Christians took our photo for us.

After church we went to the Tropical Plantation.
Here you can see the coconut we bought and mailed to my parents. No box, just coconut.

In the middle of the plantation is a pond where you can feed the fish or sit out and relax in the grass with the beautiful view.

We took a tram ride around the place, here the guy in front of us is pointing to the middle of the valley between the two tallest peaks.
Does it kind of look like the silouette of a persons face who is looking up at the sky?

A random interesting spidery looking plant.

Again in the middle of the plantation, looking the other way.
The building in the background is a restaurant.
Half of it has walls that slide away so you can feel as if you are just under a pavillion instead of in a building.

Click above image for a short movie of the middle of the plantation...

Sunset silhouette after a picnic dinner at Baldwin Beach.


At Kamaole beach 3, on the south west part of the island.
In the background you can see the southern edge of the northwestern part of the island.

Click above image for a short movie of Kamaole beach 3...

Dave getting ready to snorkel.

Dave snorkelling.

Dora Beth snorkelling.
The second place we went after Kamaole 3 was Maui Prince Hotel.

Another night at Baldwin Beach.

Click above image for a short movie of our last night in Maui
where we tell about some of the highlights of our time here...


We started off our morning going to Iao Valley State Park, which is right in the middle of the northwest part of the island.

The most distinguishing feature of the park is Iao Needle.

A pretty lookout and a cute couple.

Click above image for a short video panorama of the park...

A tree, of a common variety there, in the middle of the Heritage Gardens.

In this garden was one sample home from many of the cultures that had settled on the islands about a hundred years ago.
Here I am in front of the Japanese home, also found there were Chinese, Portugese, New England and Phillipine homes.

A random shot of me with the mountain walls behind me.

Two not so random people posing in front of the Japanese pond.

A PG-13 shot of us in the Philipine house.

A cemetary in front of the park. Some people who died in World War II are burried there.

We stopped by Kanaha Beach Park for our last hour before the plane takes us to Oahu.
This park is literally just above the airport (about 3 minutes north).
In this picture you can see just a couple of the probably hundred sailboarders off this coast.
There were also dozens of Kiteboarders off in the other direction.

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