Summer Vacations 2009 Photos

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Part 1 (June) RV road trip #2

Yes, I am licking my toes What else should we do on a 100+ degree day than play on a beach with no water? Here are your keys, Daddy

Part 2: extended 4th of July weekend

Four generations of Christy's standing in front of an engine that was owned by my Great Great Grandfather for his brick making business. Now THAT'S a big wheel Aunt Cheryl Dawn made strawberry pie!!! We are at a country club eating a nice buffet and all she wants to do is hang out under the table? Great Grandma Mimi got me a straw cup! We have recently had a thing with hanging on to the railing whenever we ride an elevator.  All three girls really got into it for a few months. Even at the end of a fun brief vacation they can have the time of their lives in the bottom of a stairwell.

Part 3 (Labor Day) Creation Museum revisited

Tyranosaurus Rex was created on the sixth day along with all the other land animals A zonkey and a zorse Being artsey with Cousin Christopher Baby in a bag Playing with Aunt Marcy and Cousin Nichole

Compare many of these photos to our previous RV trip 2 summers ago.
No, the RV is not ours, we just coincidentally we able to be both the second and twenty second renters!

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