My wife took over 200 digital pictures and movies during her 3 week March 2005 trip. Here are some highlights:

At the street market on the first night

At a wedding banquet

Our friend and the match makers

He is cutting the meat with those chop sticks

Lobster was one of the 12 courses served for dinner

The happy couple

In front of our friend's church

A pretty banner

Eating out

Fancy decorated power transformers

DB + two cuties

An interesting tree while on a walk

Close up of some pretty flowers while on a walk

The orphanage as seen from across the pond

A small assembly of babies & volunteers

Even volunteers need to have fun sometimes...

...ok that's too much fun!
(No, I did not edit this photo!)

The last two, this, and the next photo are at a cultural village

A scenic statue, designed to depict a deceased grandfather looking down from heaven at his decendents

All ready to go on a day trip to some tea fields

At the tea fields (click photo for short video)

Ted is the nice missionary who, along with his wife, have run the orphanage for the last 30 years

Cute baby, cute lady and pretty landscape

At the tea field store, where you could sample & buy any of the products they grew

A collection of babies in the orphanage

Another small collection of more babies

Sunday school on Easter morning was outside for some of the kids

So why did she go you ask? Because we are adopting from this orphanage!

Now that you have seen these photos, compare them to my visit six years ago...

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