Details for Attending the Wedding

Town Map:


From Chicago:
Take either I-88 or I-80 West almost to the Iowa border, then exit heading South (East) on I-74. Travel through Galesburg, and turn right (West) onto Interstate 34. This leads right into Burlington. As soon as you cross the bridge, take the first exit and go South on Main Street. (Main Street is one block right after you exit the highway.) Continue south for about two miles until you cross a green bridge. Two streets later turn right and you will drive right up next to the chruch. Parking is in the rear.

From Iowa City:
Go south on highway 380 (North on same road takes you to Cedar Rapids) and continue for about 50 miles to Mt. Pleasant. You are looking for junction Highway 34, which will be at a stop sign. Turn left and head East for about 25 miles to Burlington. Note that you will have to vear right just before Burlington as 34 splits in two directions. You are looking for the Main Street Exit, which I think is Exit 263. Exit heading South. Once off the highway, Main Street is actually one block to your right (West). Skip over one block and continue heading south for about two miles. Two streets after the green bridge, turn right. You will drive right up next to the church, parking is in the rear.

Chruch Map:

Saturday, June 17th, 2000
Ceremony: 1:30pm
Reception: 3:00pm

First Baptist Church
300 Potter Drive
Burlington, IA 52601

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