North Oahu

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We left Waikiki and drove up the middle of Oahu and passed by the Dole Pinapple Plantation.

Aren't we cute!


Our big stop on the north shore was the Polynesian Culture Center.
There are two ways to describe it. One is it is a university where kids from many different islands
(Hawaii being just one) can come and get an education about the culture they came from
and to help pay for that education they perform for tourists what they are learning in school.

A scenic spot in the Samoan village.
The other way of describing this place is it is a big day camp for adults to learn about the Pacific islands.
They had lots of neat little activities and educational skits and a meal and snack bars :)

That's actually a strawberry smoothy inside a carved out pinapple :)

We went to a luau at the P.C.C. and finally got some real flower laie's :)

Just another pose on the stage of the luau.


On our last day on any of the islands we got up early to go to Goat Island.
"Early" of course in vacation time, so meaning 7am.

Goat Island is a little island near the north east corner of Oahu that for about an hour during low tide you can walk out to it.
We did :)

Our hotel in the town of Laie was the only one to have any kind of love seat or couch.

Where would you guess we are now? Would you believe McDonalds :)

As we drove down the east shore we passed a lot of pretty scenery
but our digital memory was getting extremely limited and the weather was very cloudy and a little rainy.
We stopped in this area for lunch and decided to take a picture. I do not even know what kind of church this is.

Click above image for a short movie of our fairwell to Hawaii...

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