South Oahu

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The Honolulu airport. Most of the airport is open to the outside, no outer wall.

Click above image for a short movie looking out our hotel balcony in Waikiki.
We stayed at the Waikiki Gateway Hotel...


Can you guess where we are?

The government made a very impressive presentation before we ferried over.

Click above image for a short video panorama of the memorial...

A remains of the battleship still sticking out of the water.
(In case you do not know, the memorial is directly on top of the sunken ship.)

The wall of 1,177 names of people who drowned in the surprise attack by the Japanese on December 7th, 1941.

Looking almost straight up at the flag.

Leaving the memorial. You can see the Battleship Missouri docked on the left.

This battleship has been turned into a museum.
The canopied area on the left is where the Japanese surrender of World War II was signed by both sides.

What a sight. These are among the most powerful canons in the world, found only on battleships of the USA.

Two of these canons, of which there are nine, weigh as much as a 747 airplane.

Those guns launch these two ton ammo rounds using 660 pounds of gun powder
up to 25 miles with an accuracy of +/- ten feet, leaving a 50 foot crator.

We took a tour of the boat while we waited for our trip to the Arizona Memorial.

After we saw the Arizona we took the self tour of the USS Bozeman submarine which was docked right next door.

One of the two engine rooms.

The aft (rear) torpedo bay.

Standing on the back end of the submarine, looking out at the Arizona & the Missouri.

After the submarine we headed back to Waikiki and got dressed up for a sunset dinner cruise.
We took the boat on the right.

As part of the entertainment while the other half of the passengers ate, two girls were hulaing.
Besides getting passenger participation (it was kind of like a mini luau) they did an excellent job dancing while the boat was rocking!

Click above image for a short movie of the view from the cruise...

A pretty skyline and a random parasailer.

What a cute couple!

What would a sunset cruise be without a sunset?

After the dinner cruise we cruised around Waikiki (on foot).
Here we are looking straight up at a mirror ceiling in a Swatch store :)

This is a real person dressed up in newspaper.

Click above image for a short movie of an aquarium that we walked through
which was attached to a toy & clothes store...

One of the performances at the International Marketplace.


There were penguins at the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel, which was on the beach.

Click above image for a short movie of a penguin talking...

Another pretty scene in the Hilton hotel.

The submarine we rode in.

I made no color enhancements to this photo, everything was bleached blue while underwater.


The fishes were multicolored, but the red part of the spectrum simply was not visible, it can look like black or white.
Click above image for a short movie of us going by one of the numerous planted objects which attract the fish just for the submarine tourists...

More fishes!

We went down to a max depth of around 110-120 feet.

Click above image for a short movie of us passing by the wreckage of a plane...

Click above image for a short movie of the ocean floor...

Still more fishes!

Diamond Head Mountain marks the eastern end of Waikiki beach.

Waikiki beach as we returned from the submarine.

Looking out the opposite side of the boat as the above picture
we can see surfers heading out.

Click above image for a short movie of Dora Beth feeding the birds that joined us for lunch...


In front of a statue of Kamehameha Elima, Ka Moi.

Iolani Palace, the only palace in the US.

Click above image for a short movie of the capitol building...

The cornerstone of the Hilton.

Click above image for a short movie of a stretch of Waikiki beach near the Hilton
as well as an adjacent park...

A photo from inside the above mentioned park adjacent to the beach (there were dozens of these)

We got our picture taken in front of a tree like this in Costa Rica last year.

The bus we rode all over the area.

Click above image for a short movie of some fireworks we were just randomly blessed to see from our hotel balcony...


On a whim we decided to go parasailing, it was a good idea!

Close up.

We could not feel a thing up there.
We could see the boat moving, but felt light as air.

After parasailing we rented a Water Bicycle and biked around Waikiki Beach.

On the bike.

It started raining on us on our way back to the hotel.
But really we are just using up the film in this disposable camera.

Whoa, a different twist to the limo concept!

The entryway to the International Market Place.


This Sunday we attended Waikiki Baptist Church.

Our last hour in Waikiki, a picture of Dave.

Our last hour in Waikiki, a picture of Dora Beth.

Click above image for a short video of us telling about some of the highlights of our time in Oahu so far...

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